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Game Designer & Lead Developer

Yakir Israel

Hi I'm Yakir,

A passionate game developer and designer with years of experience in the gaming industry. Proficient in designing and prototyping diverse game mechanics with AAA quality, I bring strong problem-solving and communication skills to the table. Eager to collaborate with creative teams, I have a proven track record of delivering robust and scalable solutions. Outside of my development work, I also teach game development at universities and contribute to exciting VR projects. I invite you to explore my portfolio.

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Hallar Azad

CEO, Mixeal

"Yakir is a highly passionate game developer with experience in multiple areas, including programming, art, team building, project management, and game story writing. While we worked together, he was super helpful and supportive."



Do you have a challenging role in the gaming industry or just a fun game that needs my assistance? Give me a shout!

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